Harland "Dredd" Quintus

I Am The Law


Growing up in the Under Hive of Nova Castillia, life was never simple for Harland. His parents worked terrible jobs for little money, and a fear always hung over the family. Would this be the day some no name scum would break into their house and steal all their worldly possessions?

From a young age, Harland learned how to survive the Hive. He knew there is a time for fighting and a time for talking. And Harland was always cautious, never stepping over the boundaries of the Emperor’s laws, always staying on the side of his local planetary defense force.

Tragedy stuck Harland at the age of 16. His best friend, Mark Rullius, had a drug problem for quite some time. He tried his best to get him off the poison, but instead pushed him away. Harland found his friend dead, overdosed on a coctail of drugs. Harland was angry, more angry than he had ever been before. But instead of turning himself into the very scum that gave Mark the drugs by murdering them, Harland gave his entire life to the local planetary defence force, turning himself into a weapon purposed with protecting the Emperor’s law.

After a short amount of time, Harland earned the nickname Dredd. Between his inside knowledge of the Underworld and his deadeye with a shotgun, word spread of Dredd. And it wasn’t long until he received new orders. Dredd was sent to the Schola Progenium and trained for sereral years. After short couple of years as a junior Arbitrator, Dredd was noticed by the Inquisition and was quickly brought in for a new mission.

Harland "Dredd" Quintus

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